A pale woman wearing a striped beige turtleneck with long white hair and thick-framed dark glasses. She has dark smudges under her eyes from either makeup or sleep deprivation, and monster fangs. Credit to picrew's djarn in the upper right corner

Néné (pronounced nay-nay) Linden. 30s, she/her, Chicago-based.

Person living her best life working in a room full of computers in a building full of books.

Tech education nonprofit entrepreneurship past and digital services/makerspace librarian present & future. I'm a giant fandom person too, attending/paneling fan conventions, cosplaying, and just generally admiring the creativity of anything horror, sci-fi, & fantasy = my jam. And nearly everything tinker-y & tech & software has fannish applications - that's usually how I keep up with emerging tech (Fandom is my fandom!).

I like video editing and nature or nostalgia sounds, so I create media when I can that're like ASMR videos. I also love making cinemagraphs.

Find me on... Mastodon, Twitch, Reddit, Instagram, Printables. Lil side hustle referral links to Swagbucks and GG2U.org :)