Blackbeard's Season Finale Flag: White & Red Silhouette Vinyl Cutouts

Using VLC's advanced controls (VLC > View > Advanced Controls and under the video box there's a camera icon that'll take image snapshots of the video, as well as an icon that'll allow you to move frame by frame in the video. Hover over the icons for a second and they'll explain what they do for you), I went frame by frame in the season finale to get the best straight-on snapshot of the flag as it's waving in the air. From there, I used a mix of Photoscape and Photoshop to edit everything down to the demon skeleton and bleeding heart.

Blackbeard's demon skeleton on his flag as shown in Our Flag Means Death season 1 finale. Blackbeard's bleeding hearts on his flag as shown in Our Flag Means Death season 1 finale.

See above the .pngs you can merge into Silhouette for vinyl cutting.

For C2E2 2022 I used permanent red and white vinyl to press onto the back of my pleather vest. I really liked how it came out.

The back of my black pleather vest with the white vinyl cutout of Blackbeard's flag's demon skeleton harpooning a red vinyl cutout of a bleeding heart.

Ed/Taika Cosplay: Make a temporary New Zealand hawk chest tattoo

The tattoo artist is Doctor Woo on IG and they posted a super clear image of it here. Time for some image editing. I think I used Photoscape and Photoshop for this IIRC.

Three progress images of the New Zealand hawk tattoo on Taika Waititi's chest where I'm trying to isolate the hawk's design.

See above, I started with cropping the image, then blurring everything around the hawk so the software could easily detect and select the hawk. Third image, I worked on increasing contrast so the tattoo design would be printed black.
Ended with this .png image!

The New Zealand hawk tattoo design has been isolated with a transparent background.

Feel free to save this and merge it into a Silhouette design. My favorite tutorial on how to do this (whether it's stickers or temporary tattoo paper), is Black Sheep 303's 'Silhouette Cameo 4 Stickers: Print Then Cut'

For C2E2 2022 I printed out various sizes of the hawk on one piece of Silhouette tattoo paper. It came out looking great imo. Some success pics of it can be found on my insta here.

Birds of Paradise Robe

Fan lonicera-caprifolium on tumblr made a birds of paradise robe pattern and posted it here and omgomgomgomg it is awesome: