Or tools that have been recommended to me and I need to put them somewhere 1) so I don't forget 2) to explore/play with them.
Edit: Note to self to add "Arduino/Raspberry Pi Coding" section with edukits.co/code


On Surfin'

Marginalia Search to find noncommercial nontracking websites
Teclis - Non-commercial Web Search
Ecosia is an internet search that plants trees
NameCheckr.Com to check see if anyone's already taken an anon pseud you want anywhere on the internet
Firefox Multi-Account Containers for easy switching between pseuds between tabs

On Panel-Makin'

SlidesGo - Free Google Slides themes and Powerpoint templates (I'm pretty sure a lot of these use the illustration sites linked below)
OpenPeeps.com - hand drawn illustration library
Onfire.Craftwork.Design - download illustrations for free
flaticon.com - standard nice icons

On Writing

PureWriter+ Desktop to match the PureWriter+ app for phones/tablets - I love this app for writing!

On Digital Shred & Digital Privacy

BackgroundChecks.org's Just Delete Me
Digital Shred Workshop - Library Guides at Penn State University
Mailinator is for testing automated mailbox tasks for developers mostly but it allows you to create a disposable email with which to sign up for junk (I haven't tested this one myself yet tho).
HaveIBeenTrained.com - Search 5.8 billion images used to train popular AI art models.
HaveIBeenPwned.com - Enter your email or phone to see if it's been found in any data breaches. False negatives have happened with this site; practice safe online security no matter what!
Unredacter - if you use pixelation to redact, you're not gonna have a good time


Calibre and for fandom people, its extension FanFicFare. Best ebook organizer ever.
Library Extension allows you to see if your local library has the materials you're looking at on Amazon.com, Goodreads, etc. For Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.
AlternativeTo.Net offers FOSS alternatives to any program (like a software thesaurus??)
Free Media Heck Yeah's wiki, GoMovies, OLGPLY
StandardEbooks.org, pdfdrive.com, Z-Library
LibriVox | free public domain audiobooks
Students and Researchers: RefSeek.com, Worldcat, link.springer.com, bioline.org.br - NGO dedicated to "open access to quality research journals published in developing countries", repec.org - research papers in economics, science.gov, Base-Search.net, Sci-Hub, Smithsonian Open Access, CiteThisForMe.Com, OpenStax.org
TinEye Reverse Image Search

On Data Analysis

ObservableHQ - I haven't used this but my masto's instance admin loves it
Notion promotes itself as the height of productivity but I'm putting it under data analysis for now because I use it to organize, filter, view data

Fandom Edition: Converting Data

WebToEpub Add-On for Firefox
Instapaper I've used to combine Livejournal or Dreamwidth posts (fanfiction separated into chapters of one story) into one story epub for you

On Creative Software (FOSS)

Photo Editing (in Browser)

Photopea is advanced image editor meant to dupe Photoshop as much as possible.
Pixlr is another image editor I've used before but I feel like its free online version has gone downhill

Image Generation & Editing

Canva.com allows for a lot of fun creative images and designs. I've taught a couple classes on it at my library.
PhotoFunia is where the 80s retro & vaporwave poster generators come from. There's a lot more - very fun.
removebg is a really simple website that'll remove the background of any jpg image and turn it into a png
Pixel It will convert any picture to pixel art. So cool gotta try this out asap...

Audio Editing

Online music/voice separator based on neural nets

Video Editing

DaVinci Resolve is my primary video editor. I really love my DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor
OpenShot Video Editor

3D Design

Tinkercad - not gonna lie, I've come to adore Tinkercad
OnShape is like a higher quality Tinkercad (will import up to 4gig .stl files unlike Tinkercad that uses 25mb)
Fusion360 free for personal use (link to download free in there)
SculptGL by Stephanie Ginier and its derivative, SculptFab

On WebDev

Visual Studio Code and this pets extension
CodePen: Online Code Editor and Front End Web Developer Community
CodeBeautify.Org has helped me convert crazy messy blogger and/or dreamwidth html Hexagon sidebar! or maybe from this reddit tutorial post
phpBB | Free and Open Source Forum Software
JSFiddle.net's color gradient generator but JSFiddle.net is brilliant for so much!
Isotope.Metafizzy.co f it probably gonna use this and revamp my entire site design with their cool layouts
EmojiGuide.Org for emoji HTML 😊
Demon-Sushi.com/ring - webring code and tutorial

On BookBinding

Renegade Bindery's Resources are AMAZING; the community on Discord is the most friendly and functional mega-sized server I've ever seen
Bookbinder formats PDFs for bookbinding 😍
r/Fanbinding and r/BookBinding on Reddit